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Queens Bed Bug Prevention

Queens Bed Bug Prevention

Bedbug Prevention in Queens

Bedbugs are a huge problem in Queens over the last twenty years, but there are a lot of smart things that you can do to help keep Bedbugs out of your home. By being a smart and conscientious homeowner, you can protect your home from Bedbugs.

How to Look for Bedbugs


  • Inspect your home with a flashlight. Bedbugs like to hide in dark, tight spaces, so you’ll need an effective, targeted light source.
  • Monitor your bedspread and clothing for blood marks. Often, you will accidentally crush Bedbugs when you move while you are asleep. If they have already fed, the blood from their meal will mark fabric on or in your bed.
  • Check floors, walls, and dark areas for rusty, red stains. Bedbugs will excrete their waste to and from their hiding spots, leaving tiny marks with a rusty appearance of used-up blood.
  • Look for Bedbug Shells. When Bedbugs hatch from their eggs, they will leave their broken eggs scattered haphazardly near their birthplace. These shells are incredibly tiny and white, and will probably only be noticed as they accumulate.
  • Look for Bedbug Moltings. In order to reach adulthood, Bedbug Nymphs must go through five molts. After Bedbugs feed, they return to their hiding spot in order to digest their meal and molt. Upon molting, they will leave their old exoskeletons behind, which are easier to spot than the eggs.
  • Remember to check the area around where your pets sleep for Bedbugs. Although Bedbugs like human blood the best, they will feed on any warm-blooded mammal or bird. Inspect the areas where your pet sleeps just like you would your own bedroom.

How to Keep Bedbugs Out of Your Home

     Keep Bedbugs Out of Your Home
  • Keep things organized! Bedbugs love to nest in dark corners and if you minimize the areas in which they can potentially hide, they won’t be able to establish themselves as effectively.
  • Be cautious when buying used furniture. Always inspect furniture for signs of Bedbugs before bringing it into your home.
  • Regularly vacuum. Bedbugs will often lay their eggs in carpet. You can suck up the eggs and any Bedbugs that happen to be on the floor by vacuuming.

How to Keep Bedbugs at Bay while Traveling

  • Before you settle into your hotel room, inspect the entire room for signs of Bedbug Infestation. If you notice any indications that the room may be infested, request another room or request your money back.
  • bedbug-safe-travelling

  • When in the hotel, keep your luggage enclosed in a plastic bag. Bedbugs will have a hard time getting in your luggage because it’s hard for them to climb the plastic.
  • Inspect and Clean your Luggage when you get home. Even with your best efforts, there is a chance that the Bedbugs found their way onto your luggage or your clothes. As soon as you get home, take all of your clothes and wash them immediately in hot water or wash them in warm or cold water and put them in a hot dryer.

    Then inspect your luggage for Bedbugs. To be extra safe, you can vacuum out the bags before bringing them inside.

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