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Queens Bed Bug Preparation

Queens Bed Bug Preparation

Bedbug Preparation in Queens

Bedbugs are a huge hassle for both you and those that you live with. Bedbugs Queens recognizes that and our Exterminators will take every step necessary in order to rid you of your Bedbug Infestation. Before our Bedbug Specialists arrive, there are some steps that you will need to take in order to make sure that the home is prepared for Bedbug Removal.

What to Do Before Our Bedbug Specialist Arrives

Wash All Clothes around the Infestation Site

Wash All Clothes around the Infestation SiteIt doesn’t matter when you wore them last, take all clothes in your bedroom and closet, bag them, and send them directly to the laundry room. Wash the clothes in hot water, or, if the clothing is dryer-safe, load them into the dryer. Bedbugs will quickly die at high temperatures, and you can sanitize your clothing easily. Store the Clothes outside the Bedroom until Bedbug Removal is completed.

Clean Everything Else Washable or Dryable

Take blankets, sheets, drapes, stuffed animals and any other items which can be washed and follow the same procedure as you did with your clothing.

Take Away Bedbug Hiding Spots

Vacuum the Infested RoomsIn order to maximize the effectiveness of treatment, you will need to unscrew light switches and plug-ins, take pictures down from the wall, and open up floor vents.

This allows the fumigation to penetrate into the walls, and reduces the number of places where Bedbugs can hide.

Vacuum the Infested Rooms

After following the above steps, thoroughly vacuum your entire room, including the mattress and Bedspread. Vacuuming will suck Bedbugs and their Eggs out of the floor and out of your bed, allowing our Pest Technicians to focus on the areas which are hardest hit.

During the Bedbug Removal Process

The Bedbug Extermination Process is very intensive, and will require the use of many tools which can be hazardous to your health. Because of this, you will be required to leave the premises while treatment is ongoing. All of your pets will need to leave the residence as well, with the exception of aquatic animals housed in fish tanks.

Instructions Between Bedbug Removal Treatments

Bedbug Removal TreatmentsIn order to ensure that the Bedbug Infestation is eliminated, our Exterminators will return after two weeks in order to inspect the area for further signs of infestation and provide a second Anti-Bedbug Treatment if necessary.

While waiting for the second treatment, store clothes away from the offending area if possible, and rewash clothes if you must store them in the bedroom or bedroom closet. During this period, also leave all wall sockets and hangings removed. Finally, purchase a seal-able mattress cover for the mattress and box springs in order to trap and starve out any Bedbugs which may have survived by hiding deep inside your mattress.

Bedbug Elimination Treatment Number Two

Once two weeks have elapsed, our Bedbug Exterminators will return to your property. They will provide another intensive inspection of your home and look for continuing signs of infestation. If further signs are uncovered, your home will receive a second treatment. If they find no further signs of Bedbug Infestation, consider your home Pest-Free! Almost every Bedbug Problem will be completely eradicated after two treatments.

Bedbugs Exterminator Queens – Your Best Source for Pest Extermination

Best Source for Pest ExterminationIn addition to our refined Bedbug Removal Services, we also provide Pest Control Services for all of your residential and commercial needs.

Our Exterminators are some of the best you’ll find in New York City and they can help you overcome any Pest-Related woes you may be experiencing.

No matter what critters are in your hair, Bedbugs Queens can get your life back in order!

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