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Queens Bed Bug Map

Queens Bed Bug Map

All About Queens

queens-mapQueens is one of the five Boroughs of New York. Queens is located on the eastern side of New York City on Long Island, adjacent to Brooklyn. Queens is the largest of the five boroughs in terms of land mass, and Brooklyn is the only borough that has a greater population.

Queens became a member of New York City proper in 1899, when the five boroughs voted to incorporate. Queens is both a borough and a county, and the county is also named Queens.

Queens is one of the most highly populated places in the United States. If it were its own city, it would be larger than every city in the country besides Chicago, L.A., and Brooklyn.

How did Queens Get Its Name?

Queens was first established in 1683, when the colony of New York was divided into 12 counties. Queens was named after Catherine of Braganzia, queen of King Charles II. Queens County used to be much larger, but the county was split when it joined New York City. Today, the area of Queens County that was split off is known as Nassau County.

Queens: The Most Diverse Place on Earth

Queens is a very unique place because of the level of diversity it fosters. There are more nationalities and ethnicities represented in Queens than any city in the rest of the world. The population of Queens is greater than two million, and almost half of those inhabitants are foreign born. In Queens, there are nearly 150 languages spoken, and inhabitants come from over 100 different countries.

Where do People Live in Queens?

people-of-queensMany people think of New York City as a metropolis of apartment and condominium living, but Queens actually offers a great variety of places to live. As one approaches Manhattan, most people live in huge multi-unit apartment buildings, but the further away from Manhattan that you get, the more diverse the housing options become.

The neighborhoods with the densest populations are Long Island City, Ridgewood, and Astoria. On the eastern edge of the borough, the neighborhoods become quite suburban, with a large number of single-family homes. The most suburban neighborhoods are those such as Little Neck, Douglaston, and Bayside. These neighborhoods share much more in common with neighboring Nassau County than they do Astoria or Manhattan.

The Airports of Queens

One of the main reasons that Queens experiences such diversity is because two out of the three airports which represent New York City are located in the borough. The airports, La Guardia and John F. Kennedy International Airport, are huge economic drivers in the borough, and they ferry millions into and out of the city each year.

Attractions in Queens New York

queens-attractionQueens has a lot of fun and interesting stuff to do. If you are a fan of food with international flavor, Queens is one of the best places to visit in the world. Every neighborhood in Queens has its own restaurants and cafes which cater specifically to the residents of the neighborhood, meaning that whatever you are craving, there is somewhere in the borough that makes it better than anywhere else in the world.

The borough is also the home of the New York Mets as well as one of the most highly regarded tennis tournaments in the world, the United States Open.

Rockaway beach is a fantastic place to visit for a day in the sun, and there are also fantastic museums such as the New York Hall of Science and the Queens County Farm Museum.



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