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New York City Bed Bug Map

New York City Bed Bug Map

The Five New York Boroughs

Queens: A Crossroads of Diversity

queens-boroughQueens has the largest area of the five boroughs, and it also has the second largest population. The Queens is known for its unparallelled diversity. The borough has representatives from nearly every country on earth, and every neighborhood that you visit has its own unique character based on the ethnicity that is predominant in the area. As a result of this great diversity, Queens is the best place to go in the country if you want to take a tour of world cuisine without ever having to leave the country.

The borough of Queens has a very strong and diverse economy as well. Unlike Brooklyn and Staten Island, most of the people that live in Queens work in Queens. There is a large manufacturing and industrial presence in the borough, and since there are two airports located in Queens, the borough is a powerful transportation and shipping hub.

The Bronx: Home of the Yankees

yankee-stadiumThe Bronx is the only NYC Borough which is located on the American mainland. Two of the most popular tourist destinations in all of New York are located in the Bronx: the Bronx Zoo and Yankee Stadium. The Bronx has undergone an amazing process of revitalization in recent decades and has become a much friendlier place to visit.

Unlike Brooklyn and Manhattan, the Bronx is only densely populated close to the core of the city, and there is a lot of variation to both the architecture and the landscape. As the population radiates outward from Manhattan, the borough becomes more and more residential.

Riverdale, for example, is an old neighborhood which sits on the cliffs of the Hudson River and is one of the most affluent residential communities in New York City.

Manhattan: The Center of the World

madison-avenue-in-1920Manhattan is the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of the Big Apple. The borough is vitally important to the United States for its status as a cultural, financial, and economic powerhouse.

Manhattan’s Wall Street is the epicenter of the global financial markets, and Times Square is home to some of the most powerful media entities in America, including ABC, CBS, NBC, and HBO.

Because of its immense importance, Manhattan is one of the most densely populated and wealthy locations on earth. There is truly something for everyone in Manhattan, whether you want to shop on Madison Avenue, relax in Central Park, visit the world-renowned Broadway theaters, or visit one of the many amazing historical institutions like the Guggenheim Museum.

Staten Island: Suburban Escape

verrazano-narrows-bridgeStaten Island is beautiful, both for what it is, and what it is not. Staten Island has a unique and suburban character unlike any of the other boroughs. The island was not even heavily populated until just a few decades ago, and there is still an immense amount of green space for everyone to enjoy. Staten Island was only reachable by water or via New Jersey until the construction of the Verrazano-Narrows bridge was completed in the late 1960s.

Staten Island is a great place to stay in New York City for people that want access to the endless opportunities presented by New York City, but want to stay somewhere a little more peaceful. The largest strip of parks and forest land in Staten Island is known as the Green Belt, and the area cuts straight through the heart of the borough. The borough is also famous for the Staten Island Ferry, which travels from Staten Island to Manhattan, offering absolutely gorgeous views of the city of New York.

Brooklyn: The Borough of Homes

new-york-aquariumBrooklyn is a unique place because it has its own culture which is unique from that of Manhattan and the rest of New York City. Before Manhattan and Brooklyn incorporated together, they were two independent cities, and you can tell that Brooklyn has its own independent culture as soon as you step foot in the borough.

Because of Brooklyn’s proximity to Manhattan, it is largely a commuter city, as a large segment of the population travels into Manhattan to work.

The borough also has a large array of attractions which draw tourists in from all over New York, America, and the world. One of the most recent additions to Brooklyn is the Barclays Center, the home of the recently relocated Brooklyn Nets. The most famous place in all of Brooklyn is probably Coney Island, a beach side neighborhood converted into a carnival district. The largest attraction at Coney Island is the New York Aquarium.



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