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Manhattan Bed Bug Map

Manhattan Bed Bug Map

The Borough of Manhattan, New York

Manhattan is the crown jewel of New York and one of the most amazing and thriving metropolises on planet earth. Manhattan is also the original home of New York City, as the original settlement rested on Manhattan’s southern shores.

The Population Density of Manhattan

There is no place in the United States which has more people in a smaller area than Manhattan. In less than twenty three square miles there are over one and a half million residents. Perhaps even more incredible is that the population of Manhattan almost doubles in size from nine to five, as commuters and tourists stream in to work and visit.

Why is Manhattan So Important?

manhattan-mapIn a way, the entire world revolves around Manhattan, and it is largely considered both the economic and cultural engine of the United States. New York’s Wall Street houses the largest and most important stock exchanges such as the Dow Jones and the NYSE. Billions of dollars are traded every day, making and breaking thousands of companies across the globe.

In addition to its role in economy and culture, Manhattan is also important to the international geopolitical world because it hosts the United Nations headquarters on FDR Drive. The U.N. Draws in thousands of political leaders from across the country to debate and discuss the most political issues of our time. There are many that even suggest that New York City is of greater importance than Washington D.C. On the international stage.

As a result of the vast national and international interest in the borough and its burgeoning density, Manhattan is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. The immense opportunity of Manhattan is another big reason why the borough is so expensive. Manhattan has one of the highest Per Capita Incomes in America. The average worker makes more than $100,000 annually.

Things to See in Manhattan

guggenheim-museumManhattan is one of the most amazing places to go on vacation, because it is virtually impossible to experience everything that the city offers. The immense depth of opportunity means that there is something for everyone in the city.

The borough is one of the most heavily visited areas of in the world. City officials claim that more than 50 million visitors come to New York City annually, and the vast majority of them spend most of their time in Manhattan.

Central Park is one of the greatest attractions that New York City has to offer. The park is beautiful and expansive, and is the most well-known urban green space in America. Central Park is surrounded by a myriad of interesting cultural institutions, including the Guggenheim Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Without a doubt, the most popular place in Manhattan is the fabulous Times Square. Dubbed The Crossroads of the World, Times Square sees more foot traffic than any other intersection on the planet.

There are countless restaurants and stores in the area, and many television networks, such as NBC, HBO, and MTV, are stationed right on the Square. Times Square is also the epicenter of Broadway, the most famous and widely regarded theatrical district on the globe.



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