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Brooklyn Bed Bug Map

Brooklyn Bed Bug Map

The Borough of Brooklyn, New York

Most people immediately think of Manhattan when they hear anything about New York City, but the borough of Brooklyn is an amazing area which is undergoing an immense amount of cultural growth and revitalization. There are tons of things to do in Brooklyn, and it’s a great place to live for people that like being close to Manhattan, but want to live somewhere a little more affordable.

The Demographics, Geography, and History of Brooklyn

brooklyn-historyNew York City is divided into five boroughs, and Brooklyn is the most populous of the boroughs, although it ranks second in population density behind Manhattan. Brooklyn has a population of right around two and a half million. Like all other boroughs in New York, Brooklyn is simultaneously a borough and a county. Brooklyn reports to the state government as King’s County.

Before Brooklyn incorporated into New York City, it was a longstanding city of New York State. In the late 1800s, the five boroughs now known as the boroughs of New York came to a vote regarding their incorporation. The political figures of the boroughs recognized that the population of the area was rapidly increasing in size, and that all of their needs would be served most effectively if they united as a single city.

The majority of the citizens of Brooklyn voted to join New York City, but there always remained a small minority that believed that the formation of New York City was a mistake. Although a very small number of these detractors remain, the city still retains its own distinct character which makes it quite unique.

Brooklyn, along with Queens, is located on Long Island. Brooklyn is located on the western shore of the island, and Queens is immediately adjacent. Queens envelops Brooklyn to the east, north and south, and all the rest of the borough is surrounded by water. Brooklyn is immediately northeast of Brooklyn, connected by the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

Does Brooklyn Have any Nicknames?

Classically, Brooklyn has been referred to both as the Borough of Churches as well as the Borough of Homes. In the mid-19th century, Brooklyn was known for the many gorgeous churches which dotted the city. In the early twentieth century, it was widely referred to as the Borough of Homes because so many of the residents of the city traveled to Manhattan to work.

Today’s Brooklyn

academy-of-musicFor the past hundred years, Brooklyn has undergone an explosion in regard to both economy and culture, making it a wonderful and enriching place to live. For example, Brooklyn continues to garner more and more acclaim for its fantastic theatrical productions. The Brooklyn Academy of Music is quickly becoming famous nation-wide for its high quality musicals, plays, and classical concerts. The popularity of the Academy has also contributed heavily to increasing investment in the surrounding area, and the newest addition is the Barclay’s Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets

Another beautiful feature of Brooklyn is Prospect Park, designed by the same person that created Manhattan’s Central Park. Manhattan’s park may be more well known, but its creator, Frederick Olmsted, was always most proud of Prospect Park of all the parks he ever created.



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