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Bed Bug Bites In Queens

Bed Bug Bites In Queens

How Can I Recognize a Bedbug Bite?

bedbug-bites-1Bedbug Bites show up on the skin in as tiny bumps which look a lot like mosquito and flea bites. Unlike mosquito bites, Bedbug Bites often develop into rashes and even hives in a minority of people.

Since Bedbug Bites look a lot like other insect bites, the best way to identify them is through the pattern that they form on the skin. It often takes Bedbugs as many as three bites to fill up with blood. The rustling that you do while you sleep may make them temporarily stop feeding. When things settle down, they will move forward a few inches and proceed to feed again, leaving you with stripes of bites across your skin.

When do Bedbugs Feed?

Bedbugs bite in the safety of the dark. In the daytime, they rest in darkness in tiny crevices and corners in order to elude discovery. When you fall asleep, they crawl to your body in order to feed. Bedbugs will feed throughout the night, but they seem to be most active just before sunrise.

How Can I Tell the Difference between a Flea Bite and a Bedbug Bite?

flea-bitesThe biggest difference in the way that these two types of bites form is the manner in which they manifest themselves. Flea Bites can lead to blisters and sores, but Bedbug Bites generally just remain bumps.

Another difference is that Flea Bites form very quickly after the bite takes place, but Bedbug Bites don’t become symptomatic for days.

Flea Bites also accumulate in different patterns. Because Fleas don’t live on human hosts, they jump from the floor or from pets to bite,meaning that the bites tend to gather around the lower half of the body. Bedbugs are likely to strike anywhere.

How Can I Tell the Difference between a Mosquito Bite and a Bedbug Bite?

mosquito-bitesBedbug Bites take much longer to heal than Mosquito Bites. Mosquito Bumps clear up in less than a week, if not simply a couple of days, whereas Bedbug Bites may remain present for weeks. Bedbug Bites are also a bit darker than Mosquito Bites. Bedbug Bites take a number of days to appear on the skin, while Mosquito Bites form almost immediately.

The most characteristic visual way to tell the difference between the bumps is that Bedbug Bites often have a dark red spot where the feeding took place, and mosquito bites are generally solid in color.

What Makes Bedbug Bites so Itchy?

Bedbugs have itchy bites because of the saliva they release in and around the wound. Their saliva has the ability to deaden the area of the bite,making it painless. Also, the saliva stops blood clots from forming so they can perform an entire feeding in a single bite if possible.

Can Bedbug Bites Make Me Sick?

bedbug-bite-2Bedbug Bites are a real pain, but they don’t harbor any diseases thankfully.Bedbug Bites can still lead to infection, however.

The intense itching associated with Bedbug Bites can lead directly to infections if the skin is scratched open, and there is still a chance that Bedbugs may allow outside germs to penetrate into the body during their feeding process.

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